Almitra: Bridging Development Disputes

Each of our key areas of experience contribute to Almitra’s ability to deliver results. Our understanding of each of the parties ensures empathy. Adjudicating disputes and building community ensures fairness, impartiality and a broad perspective.

Explore and click through our Venn diagrams for detailed descriptions of our unique experience working as designer, developer’s representative, community builder and adjudicator. We are positioned to be your resource for Alternative Dispute Resolution.


McPhail is a technical integrator. Almitra has been prime consultant and contractor responsible for managing all of the disciplines (including architectural) for a wide range of clients from the Rockies to the Rideau for over 20 years. McPhail has been the Engineer of Record for structural, civil (land drainage and flood protection), building envelope, and HVAC designs. Among his 300 clients are large industrial, institutional, agricultural, environmental and commercial developers.

Developer Representation

McPhail served as the developer’s representative on many projects undertaken by not-for-profit agencies as their lead volunteer as well as major projects where agencies retained Almitra to represent their interest. Almitra’s experience as both designer and builder ensured that the vendors of those services on projects where Almitra acted as the developer’s representative were well led.

Community Building

Ever active in community building activities, McPhail’s service on not-for-profit boards, professional association committees, political advocacy, parish councils, school boards and more arises from his conviction that we are at our best when we recognize our interdependence and contribute accordingly.


McPhail spent over ten years (2000 – 2011) as Chair of the Manitoba Mining Board. The board held formal hearings related to the Mines Act and he was the principal drafter of the subsequent decisions. His training in conducting adjudications included five seminars led by Supreme Court Justice Marshall Rothstein as well as seven full-day courses sponsored by the Manitoba Council of Administrative Tribunals.