Almitra: Bridging Adjudication

Almitra’s principal became Chair of the Mining Board of Manitoba in 2001 and adjudicated disputes under the Mines Act for more than 10 years. See and explore the seven Venn diagrams below as they describe how Almitra evolved into an ADR consulting firm.


Adjudication only

Chief author of the formal written decisions of the Mining Board from 2001 to 2011. No decisions appealed.

Author of the procedural rules for the Mining Board. Adapted from source documents obtained from the ADR Institute of Canada Inc. 27 sections, including procedures for challenges of Board member bias, retention of board experts and handling of both “with prejudice” and “without prejudice” offers of settlement.



Developer & Adjudication

A total of only four litigations launched by Almitra for non-payment of fees over the 21 years of Almitra, with three settled heavily in Almitra’s favor prior to a ruling by a court of law (and one empty judgment in Almitra’s favor).


Community & Adjudication

Conducting of adjudications under the Mines Act. Training included five seminars led by Supreme Court Justice Marshall Rothstein as well as seven full-day courses sponsored by the Manitoba Council of Administrative Tribunals.

Introduction of mediation into the Mining Board’s offerings and privacy legislation and principles of natural justice while also ensuring maximum transparency on public domain issues.

Presentations to legislative committees on amendments to the Election Finances Act (to empower individual citizens).

venn diagram

Engineering, Developer & Adjudication

Investigation, diagnoses, prognoses, and recommended treatments on dozens of forensic investigations including filing of expert reports to legal counsel during litigation.

Enrollment in the Insurance Institute’s course on “Essentials of Loss Adjusting”:  The course provides focused knowledge of insurance and professional conduct within the claims domain, including the soft skills required to handle claims.  Includes the fundamentals of investigation, tips on management of relationships in order to gather critical information, coverage evaluations, negotiation, and settlement.


Developer, Adjudication & Community

Sensitivity and cross-partisan collaboration over a wide range of small p and capital p political issues. Has lobbied at the political and civil service levels on behalf of clients and colleagues over a range of delicate issues.

Mass and social media savvy. Initiated sod turning and ribbon cutting ceremonies with very favorable media coverage.

As Mining Board Chair, established a clear arms length relationship with the Mines Branch so that prospectors, mineral developers and others could be confident that they were receiving a fair hearing during adjudication.

venn diagram

Engineering, Community & Adjudication

Member of the Manitoba Building Standards Board subcommittee on Energy and Water Efficiency providing advice on Manitoba amendments to the 2011 National Energy Code. Initiated inclusion of a standard for insulated raft foundations.

Chair of the Fire Safety Committee of CEM (now ACEC-MB) confirming agreement in principle with including the Guidelines for the Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Residential and Office Buildings in Manitoba as an appendix to the Manitoba Building Code.

venn diagram

All four (Adjudication primary)

adjudication”>Judge for the Building Owners and Managers Association annual competition. This privilege arose because many years ago I agreed to be the Speaker chair on the planning committee for the Bomex conference. The conference was a great success, and relationships were formed that last to this day.

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