Almitra: Bridging Developers

Almitra as a developer’s representative began in 1984 and grew through dozens of projects into assisting a not-for-profit affordable housing agency on a $19M green field project. See and explore the seven Venn diagrams below as they describe how Almitra evolved into an ADR consulting firm.

venn diagram

Developer only

Assisted with negotiating the financing for a $19M affordable housing complex. Included working with the mortgage broker, reviewing the proposals from the banks, participating in the negotiations with the preferred bank, debating CMHC participation, establishment of a construction phase contingency allowance, recruitment of a quantity surveyor to report to the bank, review of legal agreements, negotiation of certifications and indemnifications proposed by the bank, liaison with the General Contractor for the project to keep the work flowing on site, and ongoing participation along with the quantify surveyor in facilitating the bank’s requirements during the interim financing phase of the project. The work was completed on time and within budget.

venn diagram

Engineering & Developer

21 year relationship with one of the major insurers of Architects and Consulting Engineers in Canada.

35 years of obtaining Building Permits from Authorities having Jurisdiction including as the design-builder and as the developer.

Negotiation of Umbrella insurance coverage on large design-bid-build projects.

Training under Dr. John Frye, P.Eng. in Part 3 Code Analysis.

Negotiation of variances and equivalencies with Authorities having Jurisdiction.


Developer & Adjudication

A total of only four litigations launched by Almitra for non-payment of fees over the 21 years of Almitra, with three settled heavily in Almitra’s favor prior to a ruling by a court of law (and one empty judgment in Almitra’s favor).

venn diagram

Engineering, Developer & Community

Planning Committee Chair of the Board of a 100 bed personal care home with specific responsibility for oversight of the existing physical infrastructure, planning of new infrastructure, and oversight of the functional aspects of caregiver staff. Introduction of LEAN management.

The imparting of an apostolic blessing from the Pope arising from 27 years of service on the various committees, boards, and councils of St John Brebeuf parish.

Building Committee Chair of the Board of Governors of the only post secondary Roman Catholic College in Manitoba.

venn diagram

Engineering, Developer & Adjudication

Investigation, diagnoses, prognoses, and recommended treatments on dozens of forensic investigations including filing of expert reports to legal counsel during litigation.

Enrollment in the Insurance Institute’s course on “Essentials of Loss Adjusting”:  The course provides focused knowledge of insurance and professional conduct within the claims domain, including the soft skills required to handle claims.  Includes the fundamentals of investigation, tips on management of relationships in order to gather critical information, coverage evaluations, negotiation, and settlement.


Developer, Adjudication & Community

Sensitivity and cross-partisan collaboration over a wide range of small p and capital p political issues. Has lobbied at the political and civil service levels on behalf of clients and colleagues over a range of delicate issues.

Mass and social media savvy. Initiated sod turning and ribbon cutting ceremonies with very favorable media coverage.

As Mining Board Chair, established a clear arms length relationship with the Mines Branch so that prospectors, mineral developers and others could be confident that they were receiving a fair hearing during adjudication.

venn diagram

All four (Developer primary)

developer”>Established relationships with architects, consulting engineers, contractors, fabricators, suppliers and the various other internal and external stakeholders as the developer’s representative on dozens of projects.

Serve on committees, councils and boards that oversee developments, usually as the chair of the development oversight committee. An example is the initiative that replaced all of the HVAC systems, the school walls and the exterior hard and soft landscaping at St. John Brebeuf Church and School in the 1990s.

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