Almitra: Bridging Designers

Almitra was initially a design only firm (until 1996) because McPhail’s experience since graduation in 1977 had always been with design firms. See and explore the seven Venn diagrams below as they describe how Almitra evolved into an ADR consulting firm.

venn diagram

Engineering only

Prime Consultant and Civil and Structural Engineer of Record for the Emerson Water Quality Lab for Public Works and Government Services Canada (see and Structural Engineer of Record for the Rankin Inlet Forward Operating Location for the Department of Defense (while at Wardrop).

Prime Consultant and Engineer of Record for hundreds of private sector developers across a very wide breadth of industries (see resume).

Prime Consultant and Structural Engineer of Record for dozens of Provincial and Municipal Government projects.

venn diagram

Engineering & Developer

21 year relationship with one of the major insurers of Architects and Consulting Engineers in Canada.

35 years of obtaining Building Permits from Authorities having Jurisdiction including as the design-builder and as the developer.

Negotiation of Umbrella insurance coverage on large design-bid-build projects.

Training under Dr. John Frye, P.Eng. in Part 3 Code Analysis.

Negotiation of variances and equivalencies with Authorities having Jurisdiction.

venn diagram

Engineering & Community

Conducting of over 25 workshops and many counseling sessions with internationally educated engineers integrating into the Manitoba economy. Advice to the funders on overall service delivery improvements. Establishment of access to the Winnipeg Construction Association electronic plan room to facilitate successful integration.

6 courses in COR safety training: Principles of Safety Management, Leadership in Safety Excellence, Safety Auditor, Confined Space Awareness, Fall Protection Awareness, WHMIS Online Training.

Founding Chair of Mould subcommittee of the Manitoba Building Envelope Council, including recruitment of the two top provincial medical experts on mould to present to the membership.


venn diagram

Engineering, Developer & Adjudication

Investigation, diagnoses, prognoses, and recommended treatments on dozens of forensic investigations including filing of expert reports to legal counsel during litigation.

Enrollment in the Insurance Institute’s course on “Essentials of Loss Adjusting”:  The course provides focused knowledge of insurance and professional conduct within the claims domain, including the soft skills required to handle claims.  Includes the fundamentals of investigation, tips on management of relationships in order to gather critical information, coverage evaluations, negotiation, and settlement.

venn diagram

Engineering, Developer & Community

Planning Committee Chair of the Board of a 100 bed personal care home with specific responsibility for oversight of the existing physical infrastructure, planning of new infrastructure, and oversight of the functional aspects of caregiver staff. Introduction of LEAN management.

The imparting of an apostolic blessing from the Pope arising from 27 years of service on the various committees, boards, and councils of St John Brebeuf parish.

Building Committee Chair of the Board of Governors of the only post secondary Roman Catholic College in Manitoba.

venn diagram

Engineering, Community & Adjudication

Member of the Manitoba Building Standards Board subcommittee on Energy and Water Efficiency providing advice on Manitoba amendments to the 2011 National Energy Code. Initiated inclusion of a standard for insulated raft foundations.

Chair of the Fire Safety Committee of CEM (now ACEC-MB) confirming agreement in principle with including the Guidelines for the Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Residential and Office Buildings in Manitoba as an appendix to the Manitoba Building Code.

venn diagram

All four (Engineering primary)

engineering”>Principal author of the Guideline on Technical Review.

Instructor of Project Administration course at Red River College.

Enrolled in Certificate in Adult Education program at Red River College.

Settlement of all four claims brought against Almitra in 21 years, with no liability found.

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