About Roy McPhail, P. Eng., Q.Med, Q.Arb

Roy McPhailRoy McPhail is a mediator and arbitrator with ADR Chambers. He has been a practicing professional engineer since 1980 and President of Almitra Consulting Inc. since 1993. Until the spring of 2014, Almitra provided Developer’s Representative services, Senior Level Consulting, Forensics, Design, and Design-Build services to a wide range of clients from the Rockies to the Rideau. Among the 300 clients were large industrial, institutional, agricultural, environmental and commercial developers. McPhail also spent ten years as chair of a provincial adjudication board, where the board held formal hearings and he was the principal drafter of the subsequent decisions.

In the spring of 2014, McPhail combined his extensive experience in the construction industry with his experience in conducting adjudications to dramatically shift his company to Alternative Dispute Resolution in construction. McPhail completed all of the required formal training in mediation, arbitration, dispute resolution boards and advisory services, and supplemented this training with courses in Adult Education and Insurance Adjusting. Previous training had included five seminars led by Supreme Court Justice Marshall Rothstein as well as seven full-day courses sponsored by the provincial Council of Administrative Tribunals.

He participated on the sub-committee of a provincial board that reviewed the new Energy Code, and currently sits on the Boards of the ADR Institute, St. Paul’s College and Safety Services Manitoba. McPhail was on the committee that planned the national ADR conference in Calgary, was a panelist on “The Great Mediation-Arbitration Debate” workshop at that conference, and is a proud grandparent, parent, husband and ballroom dancer. If you’d like more detailed information about McPhail’s background please see his resume or visit his LinkedIn profile.

To book Roy McPhail, please contact ADR Chambers at 1-800-856-5154 or adr@adrchambers.com.